Getting to KNOW YOU

    * The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide you with a little "mind jogger" to help                                                       you in making notes on your own life.

    * To guide you in recording your life experiences or those of another member of your family.

    * The information you record will ...
          o Become an important link between you and your descendants.
          o It will serve as a means of conveying a picture of what your life has been like.
          o It will explaining what has been important to you.

    * Answer as little or as much as you would like to, using these suggested questions as a guide.

    * Feel free to express yourself and to add stories as you go…

    * You could use a tape recorder, a video recorder, or pen & paper.

    * Have FUN, sharing your stories.

Start By...
    * Listing your personal information,
                + full name, birth, and those of  your parents, siblings,  spouse, etc. 

    * Also mention about where you grew up.
    * Tell about any historical events that influenced your life.

    * List grandparents, aunts & uncles
          o Where were they were born?
          o Where did they live?
          o What they did for a living.
          o Give a description of your memories of them.
          o Were they foreign born?
          o Explain their nationality, cultural traditions and their perhaps their trip to America.

    * Discuss your home life as a youth,
          o What was your home's physical layout/setting;
                + did it include a yard or acreage, was it rural or urban?
                + Explain the home routine of family members. 
                + Explain electric, plumbing, mail/phones,
                    type of heating/ cooking or refrigeration arrangements,
                + What type of food storage was used (cellar, canning, freezing)
                + How were foods prepared.
                + List favorite meals or ethnic dishes enjoyed.
                + Were crops raised? if so what?
                + What about garden harvests.
                      # How did they preserved their food?
                      # Were animals kept for work or for food

    * Discuss your friends, relatives, pets,
          o How did you spent evenings, entertainment,
          o What church did you attended,
          o Mention your education, teachers, class rooms and classmates.
                + Discuss early school days and further education.

* Comment about your Parent's jobs,
          o What did they do, the hours they worked
          o Do you know their income.
          o What stores did they patronized and discuss their shopping habits (daily, weekly, or monthly)

    * What were your holidays ?
          o how were they celebrated?
          o Explain any Family gatherings, birthdays, reunions or neighborhood get togethers.   

  o Games you played as a youngster.
o What did you enjoyed for fun or relaxation,
          o Were you a member of what organizations
                + What did the group accomplished.

     * Discuss your Medical history
          o How was illness handled when you were young.